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Ironton aLive is a Downtown Revitalization Non-Profit

Business Enhancement

Ironton aLive works to enhance Ironton’s business environment by reaching out to businesses, determining their needs, and devising ways to meet those needs.



Ironton aLive conducts a number of events throughout the year and provides support to other organizations’ events. Through low-cost promotional methods, the Promotions Committee is able to bring traffic to Ironton events.



Design focuses on ways to improve the appearance of Ironton, mostly working with other organizations and business owners in improving the appearance of the city.


Organization & Maintenance

Ironton aLive has a specific set of bylaws that are closely followed, ensuring that the functions of each committee are carried out and that the board remains an active board working together to achieve the same goals.

Get to Know Us

About Ironton aLive, shopping local, and Revitalization

Ironton aLive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to continuing Ironton’s forward momentum. We are constantly looking for ways to make Ironton a better place to live, work, and play. We recognize the challenges that Ironton is currently facing, so we work diligently one step at a time to find ways to address those challenges.

About Us

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Our focus is business enhancement. We work with our businesses to increase their spending, which increases the amount of money spent locally. When businesses look at Ironton to see if they want to locate here, they look at how much money is being spent here. We work with the businesses we have to attract new businesses. 

One major event that we host is Small Business Saturday in downtown Ironton. There are various activities, including pictures with Santa, and great deals downtown. Businesses participate in a coupon sheet for that day to give shoppers the best bargains.

Travel and Tourism

We also want to encourage travel to Ironton. This is a very historic town, an Underground Railroad town, to be exact. The rich history makes Ironton a great destination for those who love history. The Ohio River Wine Festival that is held every fall at the Holiday Inn Express is an event that we use to attract wine enthusiasts to Ironton. 

Taste of Ironton

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Tuesday Night Concert Series


Farmers Market


More Projects

In addition to Business after Hours Events, Taste of Ironton, the Tuesday Night Summer Concert Series,  the Ohio River Wine festival, and the Farmer’s Market, we have other projects we work on. 

Christmas in Downtown Ironton

Each year, we work on decorating downtown, adding decorative elements and working with business owners to make Christmas festive. We are looking to purchase more decorations and we are accepting donations. If you’re interested in donating any amount or any unwanted Christmas decorations that are in good working order, please contact us. 

The Ironton Bucks Program

The Ironton Bucks Program is in its fourth year and it has been a great success. We have given away Ironton Bucks in contests, but they are also available to purchase as gifts. There are a number of downtown merchants that accept Ironton Bucks, such as Allyn’s, Unger’s. Contact us if you would like to buy Ironton Bucks. They are purchased at face value in $1 increments and can be used within one year of purchase.

Business After Hours

Business After Hours is a great networking event. We hold three vents per year in collaboration with the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. Business owners and managers are able to get together and make connections while we feature one of Ironton’s great businesses. The last Business After Hours of the year is our annual meeting in which we highlight our accomplishments for the year.

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Our Awesome Board

We have a very active and amazing board of directors . Check them out below: 

Ginger Gillenwater


Rowena Mollett
Promotions Committee Chair

Katrina Keith
Director & Mayor of Ironton

Shirley Dyer

Sarah Smith


Bob Cleary
Business Enhancement Chair

Mike Pearson

Sarah Burroway

Susan Dooley


Carol Allen 
Parliamentarian & Organization & Maintenance Chair

Jane Griffith

Cindy Black

Cindy Anderson

Treasurer & Design Committee Chair

Executive Director

Pati Payne

Diva Justice

68% of every dollar

Remains in the community

Shift Spending

Just 10% and make an impact on the community!

250% more!

Small business vs. national in community support

Our Alternates

We have great alternates that serve on our board. Our alternates vote in place of a director if the director can’t be present at the board meeting. Our alternates are: 

Suzie Hamlin (chairman alternate), Melanie Kinney (co-chair alternate), Ralph Kline (treasurer alternate), Laura Brown, Nicole Cox, Bill Dickens, Beth Rist, and Davina Wise. 

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