Facebook Tip: Making Your Reach Count (And Posting with Images)

There is a lot of value to a Facebook page. It gives you the opportunity to directly reach out to an audience that has “liked” your page. This is a more targeted audience because they have clicked that “like” button instead of passing it by. Yes, there are those that just like the page to like the page because someone told them to, but there are those that have liked your page because they are curious about what you have to offer.

It is this audience that is going to gain you more followers.

If you have a Facebook page and you’ve looked at the “insights,” you have seen such things as “reach” and “post engagement.” Reach is wonderful because that’s how many people you are reaching directly and through your followers. What you are really after, however, is post engagement. These are the people that interact with your post in some way. If they haven’t liked or shared your post, it means they have clicked on it. That’s VERY good.

So if you have a reach of 20,000 people, your post has made its way into the feeds of 20,000 people somehow. If your post engagement is 5,000, your reach-to-engagement ratio is actually not where you want it to be.

But what if you had a reach of 10,000 and 6,000 people were engaged?

That’s actually better than getting that reach of 20,000 with only 5,000 engaged. That’s a better conversion. That’s really the type of conversion you want from potential customers when using Facebook or a website to make sales. The return on investment on Facebook is 100% and then some since Facebook is free (unless you pay to boost posts).  If you reach 6,000 people and make one sale, that is a better conversion rate than reaching 10,000 and making one sale.

Making Your Reach Count

Posting just to post isn’t going to get you the result you are looking for. If you post, “Get a FREE drink with the purchase of a burger and fry platter” and that’s all you post, it’s not going to get as much attention as if you posted a photo of the food or if you posted this:


We all know that that’s a word that everyone loves. Posts with images get more attention and the below case study is going to illustrate a great example.

Ironton aLive Case Study

If you look at the Ironton aLive Facebook page, we almost always post with images if we aren’t posting a link that already provides us with an image. When this post is posted as a link, Facebook is going to give me a few image options so I can choose the one I think will fit the best. It does this because IMAGES ARE IMPORTANT. The average attention span of a Facebook user per post in their newsfeed is 4 seconds. That’s all the time you have to make them click your post.

In March 2016, I posted the photos of Pati Payne, one of our board members. She took beautiful photos of downtown Ironton’s blooming Bradford Pear trees. These photos were visually appealing and the sense of pride that our community felt because of that beauty resulted in A LOT of shares, 28,000 people reached, and post engagement of 19,000.

Downtown Ironton Bradford Pears

So a little over 28,000 people saw the post in their newsfeeds and nearly 20,000 people clicked the photos to look at them, comment, and share. The reach-to-engagement ratio was fantastic for this post. Around 90 percent of those reached were in the Tri-State area. The other 10 percent were in Columbus and other areas.

Ironton aLive usually has very good reach-to-engagement ratios. We focus on posting links and images that appeal to a community wanting to know what is happening within it. Some posts do perform better than others, but the cumulative performance is very good.

This is why we encourage our Ironton businesses to send us information about sales, etc. We can link to your Facebook page and give you a boost due to the high interaction the community has with us. We gain an average of 14 to 20 new followers a week. When we have a highly engaging post like the downtown Ironton photos, we can gain around 75 to 100 followers. This post went well beyond the 5-hour lifespan of a post and continued getting heavy attention for around 6 days.

That is not the first time we have broken Facebook statistics, stepping outside the facts and figures of the statisticians.

Need to Enhance Your Facebook Page?

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business yet, it’s okay. I can help you. I am a digital marketer with a specialty in Social Media Marketing, among all areas of marketing online. If you are an Ironton business and you have a page that you want it to perform better, just email me at gingergillenwater@roadrunner.com and I will be more than happy to analyze and tell you how you can make it perform better. I can also tell you how you can make your Facebook page and your website work together to increase your customer base.

And just an FYI: we are planning a social media seminar here in the very near future to teach our businesses the fundamentals of Facebook. This seminar may be one of many with each focused on the different phases of building a strong presence.  We will also do future workshops on how to utilize Twitter, Google+, and the other popular social media platforms out there.

Even brick and mortar stores can benefit from a strong web presence since 88% of the population now searches the Internet first to find what they are looking for. Now they can do it on the go because of their smartphones.

So stay tuned for more social media and online marketing tips and tricks that can help you enhance your bottom line.

-Ginger Gillenwater
Chairman, Ironton aLive





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