Taste of Ironton 2016 – Better Than Ever!

We are so excited about the Second Annual Taste of Ironton. The restaurants are starting to turn in their paperwork and that means it’s getting real.

The date for this year’s event is June 25 and it looks like we may be adding an hour because when 2:00 rolled around last year, a lot of people were still eating. We want you to relax, enjoy the different foods, and just have an all-around good time.

There are going to be some differences this year.

If you came last year, you remember the large tent in the middle of the parking lot next to the Farmer’s Market. Well, a lot more people came than our advanced ticket booklet sales indicated would come AND THAT WAS FANTASTIC! We were so excited that when WSAZ asked Chairwoman, Ginger, about how the turnout made her feel, she was speechless. Naturally, that moment was cut out of the 6:00 news airing of the interview. That wasn’t a bad thing because no sound was coming out of her mouth.

Anyway, the layout was congested. That was something that was recognized as the lines got longer. Immediately, Ironton aLive members were talking as the event was happening about how to fix that problem for the next year.

Here is the fix:

  1. The restaurants are going to be located around the perimeter of the parking lot under 10×10 tents. The ticket booklet tables are going to be located at opposite ends of the parking lot so that those who haven’t bought their booklets in advance can get them.
  2. Those that buy their booklets in advance will be able to go into the event and beeline directly to the tables of the restaurants they want to sample. This eliminates the buffet line like last year that required everyone to stand in a line regardless of whether or not they bought their booklet in advance.
  3. The big tent in the middle of the parking lot will still be there, but it will be for dining only.

If you exhaust the sample tickets in your booklet, you can go to one of the tables and buy more.

Ticket booklets will be going on sale soon. Printing Express and Unger’s will have them. We will announce as soon as the booklets are ready so that you can get yours.

We can’t wait to see you there. We are so excited to bring you an improved Taste of Ironton experience.


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