Taste of Ironton Ticket Booklets are on Sale!

We are so excited to be bringing you Taste of Ironton 2.0. This year brings more restaurants, more seating, and an improved layout so you don’t have to hang out in the buffet line.

But first thing’s first: 

  1. You can buy the ticket booklets at Unger’s (304 S. 3rd St) or Printing Express (1229 S. 3rd St).
  2. Booklets bought in advance are $10 for 10 $1 sample coupons and a free drink.
  3. Samples at the event will be priced between 1 and 4 coupons.
  4. Sample coupons will be for sale at the event for $1 each so you can buy more as you need them, but the free drink isn’t included.
  5. Buying your booklet in advance also prevents you from standing in the ticket line. You can walk in and start sampling when the clock hits 11 am.
  6. If you buy your coupons at the event, you can do so starting at 10 am.

Now about that layout:

If you were at the event last year, you probably remember the restaurants and caterers being set up around the perimeter of the giant tent. This was the layout because our advanced ticket sales and Facebook RSVPs told us that maybe a few hundred people would show up.

That wasn’t the case at all!

Being that last year was the first Taste of Ironton, those advanced sales and RSVPs were about all we had to gauge attendance. We were pleasantly surprised that the turnout was three times greater than our expectations.

Now the restaurants and caterers will be set up around the perimeter of the parking lot with the large tent in the center dedicated solely to seating. The two ticket tables will be at opposite corners of the parking lot.

This will give everyone plenty of room to move around, increase the seating, and allow you to go straight to the table with the samples you want instead of following the leader through a buffet line.

So there you have it. It is going to be a great event, but we can’t have great events without all of you! Thank you for the support you provided us last year and thank you for the encouragement you have given us this year.

See you there!


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