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Completion of this survey will help in grant applications and other community endeavors. We appreciate your help by answering these questions.


3 thoughts on “Community Survey

  • I appreciate all efforts that have been made so far. I would like to see stores in downtown. I think it would b cool if all store fronts were painted cool colors , maybe awnings. I would like to see a regatta again, some great restaurant on the river, a great steak house. I wish we had a park like Central Park. We def need another chicken restaurant. I would like to see more land available for new housing, like on 8th and 9th street. More affordable housing. I would like to see old properties torn down. I live on rt 141 I wish there was some ordinance that would make people clean up the junk cars, etc. around there properties. I wish we could see a business come into Ironton that would employ large number of people utilizing the former Dayton Mallable property on 3rd st. . I would love to shop for everything, clothes, restaurants, etc. in town and never go across the river. I loved Ironton back in the 60’s 70’s 80’s when we were booming!!!

    • Carolyn, thank you so much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated. These are all things that we would love to see happen. It will take some time, as some things have to happen before others, but it is certainly not outside of our reach. Lots of hard work is being done to market the city. These efforts are made by the city government, the CAO, and volunteer-based non-profit organizations, such as Ironton aLive. Things like beautification are important, as companies like to see community pride in their prospects. Keeping as much money in Ironton as possible is also important because companies also look at the dollars that are spent within the community to determine if locating here would benefit their bottom lines. There are many great things happening, but still a lot of work to be done and we all can definitely work together. Your feedback and survey answers are steps in that direction. Some of what we have and seek to accomplish are done through grant funds and your answers will contribute to that. Thank you again!

  • I would like to see a movie theatre or even rebuild the swimming pool do something so parents can take there kids. And kids would have a place to hang out and it would keep them put of trouble I used to love going to the Ironton swimming pool I got to take my son there when he was young. Would love for him to have the memerios that I had when I was growing up like the boat races and other things

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