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A lot of changes are happening in Ironton, so 2017 is gearing up to be a great year. The new bridge is finished and open, new businesses are locating in town, interest in downtown properties is increasing, and there is more attention being paid to Ironton overall as a place where business can be done.

One of the jobs of Ironton aLive is to work with the business community and other organizations to create an environment that attracts new business. We are also stepping into the realm of marketing the city and what it has to offer by stepping outside of the Tri -State. Much of this is being done through the multi-organizational Ohio’s Southern Coast project, which is a major project to bring more tourism to areas like Wayne National Forest where visitors are then invited to take advantage of the restaurants and other opportunities within the city.

The efforts of the Ohio Southern Coast and activities by Ironton aLive, Friends of Ironton, Holiday Inn Express and Suites, and others are working hard to highlight Ironton’s assets, including events and activities, to attract travelers into the city.

It is a slow process, as it is nearly impossible to turn around the impact of one economic blow after another. Fortunately, up is the only direction a city can go when down and things have been heading in the right direction. We can’t stop when things start to feel better, but take that momentum as far as we can. This is done through cooperation and a spirit of progress.

As Ironton aLive has moved forward, we have created events, in addition to those already in place, that focus on highlighting our businesses and bringing people downtown to show what we have. Shopping local is one way new business is attracted since prospective businesses look at the money that is spent within a community before they will join it. We want more choices and we want more jobs and shopping local is a way in which everyone can contribute to that goal.

As a part of our forward momentum as an organization, we are in need of more volunteers for our events and activities, so we will be putting out calls for volunteers.

Even if you can’t volunteer, shopping with an Ironton merchant makes more of a difference than many realize. From hardware and groceries to shoes and clothing, there is a lot to offer and Ironton aLive plans to highlight these offerings even more than ever in the coming year, taking a lot of the guesswork out of what we have and what we don’t have.

With that said, we are looking forward to the great year ahead. We have a very active board with a lot to offer and we are going to bring it.

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